Fine Wine Trading Co.

Fine Wine (Old World) Trading Company Limited

Fine Wine Trading Co. was launched in 2016, seeking capital growth for shareholders, by actively trading physical stocks of (i) Fine Wine from the recognized ‘Old World’ wine regions of France, Italy and Spain and (ii) high quality, reasonably priced drinking wine, suitable for the restaurant and hospitality sectors (“F&B Wines”).

Under the guidance of the directors of Fine Wine Trading Co., Long Finish has been appointed as Operations Adviser to make trading decisions on behalf of Fine Wine Trading Co, using a disciplined methodology to target Fine Wines and F&B Wines that offer good relative value, before marketing these wines for sale.


Wine will be traded frequently to generate liquidity, ideally at the relevant inflection point in the life of a wine, where demand is increasing and supply falling, eg through consumption as the wine enters its drinking window.

Wines will generally be acquired in the United Kingdom (although wines may also be purchased in continental Europe and elsewhere) from merchants, through brokers, at auction or from private collections. Wines will be traded actively (in the United Kingdom and overseas, eg China and Hong Kong) in order to exploit market price differentials for Fine Wine Trading Co.’s benefit and to generate liquidity for future investments either through sales to brokers, through the auction market or to end users (including restaurants and wine bars).

In applying the trading criteria, the following factors will be considered:
Asset 2

Overall quality vintage

Asset 1

Strength of brand

Asset 3

Critical acclaim based on respected industry review

Asset 8

Overall production volumes

Asset 7

Anticipated demand / Market liquidity


Maturation / Provenance

Asset 6

Pricing history

Asset 11

Relative value / Availability at or below fair market value

Asset 10

Opportunity to 'make a market' by taking a sizeable position to generate a trading profit

Asset 5

Avoiding undue concentration to a single producer or single vintage

Asset 9

Choosing wines that are in demand from restaurants, wine bars and the hospitality sector

Wines will be stored under suitable and secure conditions at professional wine storage facilities generally in UK bonded warehousing and are insured at replacement cost (subject to policy terms and conditions).

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